How ERS utilises cookies

Entry into force: 20/03/2023


When browsing our website (hereafter referred to as the “Website”), cookies, pixels, tags and other trackers (hereafter referred to as the “Cookies”) are installed on your computer.

A cookie is a small file, often encrypted, that is stored in your browser or device and is identified by a name. It is installed when you visit a website or application. Each time you return to the said website or application, the Cookie is retrieved from your browser or device. This ensures that each time you visit the website or application, the browser is recognized.

The installation of these Cookies is likely to enable us to access your browsing data and/or personal data concerning you.


We are not using any kind of cookies on our website. However, our form providers may use cookies when using its services. You will be informed of this on your first visit to the form using these cookies. You will then be invited to accept or refuse them in accordance with the terms described here.


You can reach out to the following email address at any time with questions or concerns at the following:

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