When issues arise, we commit ourselves to understanding the root cause and working diligently towards resolutions. Each grievance provides us with the opportunity to improve our Standard and operations.

To file complaints, alerts, or any grievances related to non-conformities, Stakeholders may use the following channels, solely dedicated to the Grievance Mechanism: 

  2. Phone line +33768862989 (French, English, Spanish, Italian, and German speaking),
  3. WhatsApp +33768862989.

All claims must be supported by evidence and include the date and time of their occurrence, a detailed description, and their consequences (if any).

Stakeholders can air grievances regarding:

  • the programme;
  • a project;
  • potential suspicious activities.

The grievance mechanism is solely dedicated to receiving claims and must acknowledge reception of the grievance within 48h.

The identity of the complainant submitter cannot, under any circumstances, be disclosed publicly or to any other party external to ERS grievance resolution team unless explicitly authorised by the complainant.

For more information, please refer to the Programme document, in the grievance mechanism section.