Ecosystem Restoration Standard raises €5M to launch its first standard for restoration projects

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ERS Raises €5M to Develop High-Integrity Restoration Standard for Voluntary Carbon Markets

  • With over two billion hectares of degraded lands worldwide, an area twice the size of Europe, there is an urgent need to increase restoration efforts.
  • After two years of R&D, the Ecosystem Restoration Standard secures financing from top-tier investors, led by LocalGlobe and RAISE Seed for Good.
  • The 5M€ seed round will accelerate the development of digital monitoring, reporting, and verification on the voluntary carbon markets.
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PARIS, France The Ecosystem Restoration Standard (ERS) is launching a next-generation standard to certify restoration projects on the Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCMs). ERS assesses and monitors the impact of restoration projects on climate, biodiversity, and local livelihoods. Following an extensive pilot phase, including tests with project developers on the ground, ERS has secured €5M in seed funding from top-tier investors.

The investment will support the ongoing development of digital measurement, reporting, and verification (dMRV) technologies ahead of the standard’s first certifications later this year. The company is investing in satellite data, artificial intelligence, and mobile-native tools to streamline certification and improve the traceability of certified projects.

According to Thibault Sorret, CEO and co-founder of ERS: "Less than 5% of credits on the voluntary carbon markets come from reforestation projects, and of those, most are industrial plantations of non-native species. More financing needs to go to smaller-scale restoration projects. That starts with building a standard designed to assess and monitor projects’ impact on climate, biodiversity, and local livelihoods.”

Ferdi Sigona, Partner at LocalGlobe explains:

“[…] ERS has built a new standard for carbon projects that is faster, tech-enabled, and accessible for smaller community projects. We are excited to back them in their mission to restore degraded ecosystems across the world.”

Angélique Elizé, Investment Director at RAISE Seed for Good adds:

“We believe in the team's capacity to create the next certification standard for impactful projects. Their leading-edge technology enables transparency and efficiency, relieving a significant pain point in the current market […].”

Noé Gersanois, Co-Head at RAISE Sherpas concludes:

“[…] We were very impressed by the team and believe in their vision that technology will create a new market standard when it comes to certifying high-quality projects on the Voluntary Carbon Markets.”


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Thibault Sorret
Co-Founder and CEO

Media Room - The Ecosystem Restoration Standard

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