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Paris, France, November 21, 2023 – In a significant step towards scaling global restoration efforts, ERS launches its highly anticipated carbon standard, a major milestone for the company and the restoration community.

The release, which includes the first methodology focused on terrestrial forest restoration, aligns with leading accreditations such as ICROA, ICVCM, and CORSIA, underscoring ERS's commitment to building a high-integrity standard.

Thibault Sorret, the CEO, emphasised the necessity of this new standard:

"Just  3% of credits on the carbon markets come from reforestation projects, with a dominance of non-native commercial plantations. Our standard is built to catalyse native ecosystem restoration on a global scale."

The development of this standard is the culmination of an intensive three-year process involving R&D, pilot projects, and extensive consultations to meet the rigorous expectations of market participants.

Priscille Raynaud, Managing Director, reflected on the journey:

"This standard is the product of years of dedicated research, collaboration, and refinement, ensuring it meets the exacting demands of both stakeholders and the carbon market."

With the standard established, ERS sets its sights on future milestones, including applications to ICROA by the end of the year and to ICVCM as well as CORSIA in early 2024.

For more details on the methodology and documentation, visit

About the Company

Established in 2020, with operations in France and globally, ERS certifies ecosystem restoration projects on the carbon markets.

By the Numbers

  • €7.5M in funding raised from top-tier investors.
  • 21 employees globally.
  • Five pilot projects in 3 countries.
  • 500+ participation in its public consultation.

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